3DS browser exploit makes GBC roms playable

Exploit requires a single Game Boy Color game purchase

Nintendo is a little bit useless when it comes to putting games out on the Virtual Console in a timely manner, that in and of itself is certainly not news. Since the company started dabbling with downloadable retro software on the Wii, console owners have been constantly complaining about the lack of games released at a time. 

“It’s just a rom!!!” they shout. “How hard could it possibly be to put more of them up at a time?”

Well, it turns out it’s not that hard at all to get new roms running on the hardware, at least when it comes to Game Boy Color games on the 3DS. All you need is a single legitimately purchased Game Boy Color game and an internet connection.

So, how does this exploit work exactly? From footage emerging online it appears that by loading up an officially released Game Boy Color game on the 3DS, restarting the game, suspending with the home button at the moment the game restarts and loading a rom up in the 3DS internet browser, the 3DS Game Boy Color emulator will load your chosen rom onto the system and play it as normal.

It’s important to note that while this works for all Game Boy Color games, it doesn’t work for every original Game Boy game. Also, this does not work with the New 3DS’ Browser.

While this of course not a thing that you really should be doing, it’s interesting to note how easy it seemingly is to get a new rom running on Nintendo’s hardware. Sure it adds save state support and digital manuals, but would it really be so hard to throw all the good retro games up already?

Laura Dale