3D breast wobbling confirmed in Dead or Alive Dimensions

When Tecmo Koei wasted zero time in announcing a new Dead or Alive game for Nintendo’s 3DS system, we all knew where it was going. That comany never misses a trick, nor does it pass up a chance to do increasingly absurd things with increasingly absurd breasts — yep, 3D tit wobbling is coming to Dead or Alive Dimensions.

Right now it’s not clear whether or not the boobs will jiggle with motion controls, a’la Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma, but we do know that you’ll be copping an eyeful of physics-defying mammaries. This is obviously a very important story that needs following, so we’ll be sure to keep you updated on the state of Dimensions‘ massive swollen busters as when fresh information becomes available. 


Dead or Alive Dimensions Has 3D Shake [Andriasang]

Jim Sterling