343 embraces the recent outpouring of pizza with a Halo 5 skin

Fans showered the developer with pizza after Halo PC reveal

Regardless of how you feel about Halo in 2019 (for some, the magic is gone), it’s very clear that the folks over at 343 Industries are still very much in it to win it.

Following a recent bid to give the folks at 343 as much pizza as possible due to their announcement of The Master Chief Collection for PC, the developer has now in turn given pizza back in a different way. Over the weekend they revealed that Halo 5 players can now pick up a new skin called “Last Slice,” which, naturally, is a giant pizza reference.

Halo is one of those series where mining for nostalgia feels natural given the huge cultural impact it had back in 2001. While we wait to see if the new Halo is worth the wait, I’m totally okay with reliving the glory days in remastered form.

Chris Carter
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