Dark Souls' transition from GFWL pushed into December
Games for Windows Live is the final Boss
2:00 PM on 11.30.2014

Borderlands multiplayer moving to Steam, SecuROM DRM is out
Steamworks support coming in a separate update
9:00 PM on 07.29.2014

Blizzard: Diablo 2 shouldn't have had an offline mode
Just what we wanted to hear!
10:30 AM on 11.14.2013

Shadowrun Returns can now be released without DRM
Coming to GOG.com
6:00 PM on 11.12.2013

Witcher 3 ditches DRM on PC
Ding dong the DRM is dead
4:00 PM on 10.30.2013

Only 4% of Volgarr the Viking players bought the game
The developers take to Twitter to talk honestly about piracy
11:00 PM on 10.22.2013

SimCity team looking into offline mode
Bigger cities, however, are definitely not happening
12:30 PM on 10.04.2013

New version of Uplay features Twitch integration
Uplay also unsurprisingly confirmed for next-gen consoles
1:00 PM on 09.19.2013

SimCity feedback led to an offline The Sims 4
EA is 'making changes to the business practices that gamers clearly donít like'
9:00 PM on 07.24.2013

Microsoft: There's work to do with Xbox One message
Removing DRM has only added to what the console can do
3:00 PM on 07.13.2013

Fans petition for return of Xbox One DRM policies
Because of COURSE they do
8:30 AM on 07.10.2013

EA considers previously impossible offline SimCity
Survey asks if customers would like it (no sh*t)
9:30 AM on 07.05.2013

Sony had 'no intention' of changing its used games policy
'We need to be fair and to think of the consumer experience first,' says SCE CEO
1:00 PM on 07.04.2013

Tretton: Microsoft 'better late than never' on DRM change
And more from the affable man, including a consumer's right to choose
7:00 AM on 07.02.2013

Server bugs make Darkspore unplayable, still up on Origin
DRM strikes again
6:00 AM on 07.01.2013

Are you happy with the changes to Xbox One?
We answer The Question
1:30 PM on 06.25.2013


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