Classic Amiga hero set to return in Zool Redimensioned

Zool Redimensioned

Take a trip back to the Nth Dimension

We have a new ’90s platforming hero preparing to make a comeback in the near future. Following on from the Bubsy Bobcats, Kao Kangaroos, and Ty Tasmanian Tigers of the world, Zool — the ninja from the Nth dimension — will return in Zool Redimensioned, a ground-up remake of his original Commodore Amiga adventure.

Originally developed by the legendary Gremlin Graphics and released in 1992, Zool was the Amiga’s answer to titles such as Super Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog, with hopes that the gremlin ninja would win over the hearts of platform game fans and become a mascot for floppy-disk-lovin’ Amiga owners. While Zool would not quite reach the fame of his console brethren, his adventure was acclaimed on release for its colorful visuals, great sound, and dynamic designs. Gremlin would enter into a marketing deal with lollipop maker Chupa Chups, which saw a nauseating amount of advertising plastered over the title’s original release — removed from Zool‘s later console ports.

Developed by Sumo Digital Academy, Zool Redimensioned has been rebuilt from scratch, packing the original title out with redesigned boss fights, new secrets and stages, alternate game modes, quality-of-life additions such as checkpoints and level selects, and audio/visual enhancements. The Sega Mega Drive edition of Zool will also be included in its entirety for retro-heads. Sumo Digital Academy will work alongside members of the original Zool development team to ensure that this new experience stays true to the ninja’s ’90s roots.

Zool Redimensioned is currently in development for PC. It is expected to launch as soon as this month.

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