ZOMGTROUSERS! Halo 3: ODST isn’t in HD

Apparently, this is something to make a big deal over, but Halo 3: ODST will not be in HD. Perhaps this is because Halo 3: ODST is based on Halo 3, which also did not run at 720p. Despite this blatantly obvious fact, people are still apparently surprised about this, especially given that the game’s visuals impressed a fair few people.

“Everything that existed in Halo 3’s engine was there from the beginning.” says senior designer Lars Bakken. “So the graphical differences that you’re seeing in ODST is really testament to the artists, because they were able to just take the tools that we had from the beginning, and just make awesome looking stuff.”

At first, Bakken seems unwilling to admit that ODST isn’t in HD, simply saying that the game is “the same as Halo 3.” When specifically asked if this meant it would run at less than 1280×720, he responded with, “Yes, exactly.”

So there you go. Not everything really has to be in HD to look good, as Call of Duty 4 has adequately shown, but nevertheless this is something that someone’s going to care about, somewhere. He probably owns a PlayStation 3 and is on a message board right now, telling everyone that Halo 3: ODST definitely sucks now.

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