Zelda: Four Swords TV spot features the Williams brood

I don’t mean Serena and Venus, though that kind of Williams-on -illiams action might have been a cool way to show off the game’s four player mode. No, I’m talking about world famous actor comedian Robin Williams and his lovely daughter Zelda. Nintendo paid them to play their new free game, The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary though I get the sense that they are genuinely enjoying themselves here. The opening bit at the beginning and the end are obviously scripted, but some of the stuff in the middle, like Robin’s “Ah uh Uuunh…” seems pretty genuine. It’s hard to imagine some ad guy jotting down “And then Robin Williams goes ‘Ah uh Uuunh’ for no reason”, on his unnecessary and over priced tablet computer in the middle of a business meeting, though I guess anything’s possible.

Anyone else puzzled by the fact that this commercial even exists? The fact that Nintendo even released this well made, local multi-player game for free is already strange, but to pay for TV ad time, as well as Hollywood talent, to promote it seems doubly weird. I sure hope this helps to get people to get off their duffs and download the game, but I can’t help but wonder if Nintnedo’s advertising money would have been better spent of supplying Four Swords with some online servers and net code. That seems to be the thing that vocal internet champs and grumps want the most out of the game (more about that later today).

Jonathan Holmes
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