You missed me on a treasure hunt to find the elusive golden Mario amiibo!

The map has an X on Walmart

Update: You’ve missed the stream but fear not, you can watch the replays here!

In what could be the best or worst decision I’ve made, I’ll live streaming my hunt for a golden Mario amiibo tonight. Using my technical wizardry I’ve come up with a way to live stream from anywhere in the world, pending good cell service.

So watch as I bumble about in my car, go to Walmart, and hopefully score some of that sweet sweet Nintendo swag. I may even get mugged if we end up at the shady Walmart. I’ll try to get some hard-hitting interviews while I’m there as well, as long as we don’t get kicked out.

I should be live at around 11:45 PM ET / 8:45 PM PT over on our Twitch channel, which you really ought to follow so you can get alerts whenever we go live. Or you can just watch the embed below. 

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Jed Whitaker