You can party chat with your smartphone on Xbox One now

Hi Nintendo chat

Onboard console has always had competition from myriad third-party apps. It seems like pretty much every event I’m a part of, whether it’s on a PC or a console, is hosted on Discord these days. Before it was Ventrilo or TeamSpeak, or Trillian.

But modern day consoles have been racing to catch up, and now Microsoft has announced a new solution to attempt to woo people away from the above. According to Major Nelson, the official Xbox app has been updated and now allows party chat straight through the app. Just hook up a mic or use the built-in one with your phone and you’re good. The app has been tested through various Insider programs for a few months so it should be pretty sound at this point.

I hope that when Nintendo updates its online infrastructure later this year it actually adds native chat on the Switch — as it started backward with smartphone chat.

Major Nelson [Twitter]

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