Xbox Series X reveals launch-day entertainment apps including Netflix, Disney+, and Spotify

In lieu of all those launch games

Xbox has revealed the line-up of entertainment and streaming apps that will arrive on Xbox Series X and S come launch, which is just one short week from today, believe it or not.

Once they unwrap their shiny new box, proud owners will be able to use a selection of the most popular TV and Video streaming services, which to be fair are probably available on every other device in your house, but the choice is still nice. Services available include movie channels Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, TV streamers such as HBO Max, Disney +, and NOW TV, alongside popular online services such as YouTube, Twitch, and Spotify.

Xbox not only promises that the services will boost the  image clarity, color, and dynamic sound experiences of your favorite services, but also notes that it has slashed the loading time of the Microsoft Store and its respective services in half, allowing you to access your entertainment faster than ever before.

You can check out a full list of the available services on the official Microsoft blog. It should be noted that certain channels may or may not be available dependent on country.

Xbox Series X launches November 10. Xbox will be holding a launch live stream to mark the occasion.

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