Xbox One Master Chief Bundle on sale for $299 (today only)

$300 Xbox One, eh?

Not even during Black Friday of 2014 did the Xbox One drop to $299.99… so could it happen on a random day in May with no major holidays in sight? Sure, why not, says eBay deal. A limited 1,000 units of Xbox One Halo Master Chief Collection are on sale for only 300 buckeroo with free ship in the continental US.

At that amount, we doubt the deal will last longer than today. Having said that, Dell Home also has a decent bundle priced at $380, with about an additional ~$135 worth of bonuses to help move inventory.

The eBay deal goes live at 8 AM Pacific and we suspect it will probably sell out in a few hours. In theory, the discount could last longer, but depending on how well word spreads, we don’t think supply will stick around very long (but hey we’ve been wrong before too).

Refurbished units have hit the $300 price point before today, but for brand-new consoles without strings attached (i.e. no mail-in rebates), this is new pricing territory.

The Dell deal is technically a better value, but that’s only applicable if you’re planning to buy State of Decay, Killer Instinct – and another $100 worth of stuff at Dell. The $100 eGift Card is good for anything at, which usually carries select AAA Xbox One titles.

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