X07 cancelled, new United Kingdom Xbox 360 event to take its place

Yesterday, news broke that Microsoft’s European Xbox event, X0 wasn’t going ahead, doubtless angering all those Germans who like to see what games are being banned in their country over the next year. With no X07 to speak of, Microsoft has instead confirmed that a UK-centered event is to take place in blighty “before Christmas.”

“X07 is not going ahead,” a Microsoft spokesman told Gamesindustry.biz, “We’re looking at doing something here in the UK. It will be from a UK point of view, not from a European point of view.” Currently, this event has no name and there are no confirmed details. All we know is that it’ll hit us before the holidays. I also know that I’m going to totally try and blag my way in. 

[Cheers to The Burling] 

Jim Sterling