WTF is Fable II Pub Games?: Tutorial videos explain all

Microsoft gave us all a bit of surprise by announcing that they’d be delivering Fable II Pub Games to Xbox LIVE Today. Announced at E3, the standalone XBLA game will allow gamers to get a head start on the upcoming Fable II by winning gold that will then be transferred to their in-game character as experience points. 

Developed by Carbonated Games, the XBLA title will set you back 800 points. Alternately, you can just pick up for free as part of a retail reserve program. Or, you can just check out these videos of the in-game tutorials we grabbed, and decided whether this stuff is worth your money and/or time. 

Our conclusion? We’re not really sure yet. We’ve lost a few hours playing the pub games, all of which seem to have the odds skewed against winning … we’re heavily in debt to an angry, troll inn-keeper. Above is the gameplay tutorial for “Fortune’s Tower,” and below the fold you’ll find video of “Spinnerbox” and “Keystone.”



Nick Chester