Carmageddon just brought green-blooded zombies and cows to Wreckfest

Carmageddon's Eagle R drifting into some zombies in Wreckfest

“Carnage Accumulator mode” speaks for itself

I don’t have a soft spot for Carmageddon, and I probably never will, but I’m weirdly into the idea of the gory racing series melding with Wreckfest, a game with good bones.

With a free Carmageddon Tournament update out today on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, Wreckfest is adding Bleak City, Devil’s Canyon, and the Eagle R “special” car.

Oh, and yeah — there are lots of gray-skinned ghouls and even cows to mercilessly plow into. Thankfully, the art direction here is borrowing from the original Carmageddon, so the misty green explosions of blood and bones are a bit less tasteless given their crude look.

These two new “censored” death-race tracks support free-roaming (how many bodies — err, points — can you wrack up in three minutes?), while “Bleak City also has a reverse race layout as well as a dedicated demolition arena,” according to Bugbear.

This match-up feels like the best of both worlds, in that you don’t necessarily need to be obsessed with Wreckfest or Carmageddon to get something out of their crossover.

For anyone who needs it, here’s some racing gameplay courtesy of Smooth Driving:

Am I really this much of a sucker for low-fi graphics? Do they really give me that warm-and-fuzzy feeling? Yes. Double yes. Again, I don’t even like Carmageddon that much in theory or execution and still I feel a tinge of nostalgia watching this footage. Imagine if they could somehow get a Beetle Adventure Racing tie-in sorted. If only.

I could see a lot of potential in doling out more of these cross-series hijinks as a way to rope in new players and keep Wreckfest relevant for a long time.

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