Wow, Runescape still exists and just got a graphics overhaul

New engine for the 15 year old game

My brief experience with Runescape must have been more than 10 years ago. A friend played, I guess, and was playing. Maybe he was showing it to me in the hopes that I, too, would play; with him, no less!

Instead, what I did was take over the keyboard, because Runescape is click click click kind of deal, and hurled insults like they were fireballs. I pissed off anyone within earshot, begging them to try and fight “me” as my panic-stricken friend tried to flee from the growing angry mob that wanted to wreck his shit. I do not think I have seen Runescape since and said friend did not try and get me to play it again.

I don’t think he still plays, but for the stalwarts hanging on to the 15-year-old, free MMORPG, it has ditched Java and moved onto a new framework, NXT. Aside from the immediate performance and visual upgrade, it “future proofs” Runescape, which can now be more easily updated with higher resolution textures and the like.

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