World of Warcraft Pedophemale returns to the land of kangaroos

I reported a short while back that a 31 year old woman from Australia was arrested upon entering the States to take a 17 year old boy home with her after ‘falling in love’ through World of Warcraft. After one month in jail, Tamara Broome has been sent back to Adelaide following a plea deal and the charge of “contributing to the delinquency of a minor.” The only detailed restriction is that Broome cannot have contact with her significantly younger significant other until he turns 18 on June 9, 2008. Here’s hoping that in such time, one of them grows up and finds somebody their own age. I’m far from against Internet romance, but let’s try and keep at least a five year age gap, yes?

Were this a male, the seedy and sad WoW lover would likely still be in prison. Should she have been given special treatment based on gender? I’m not so sure. I guess I can do nought but quote Joe Burling on that matter: “It’s only sexual assault if a man goes after a woman. If a woman goes after a man, it’s called getting laid”. Sad, but true.

[Cheers, BlindsideDork]

Jim Sterling