Wonder Woman 1984 release delayed to 2020

More like Wonder Woman 2020, amirite?

The only film in what I adamantly do not call the “DC Extended Universe” (although I guess I just did) that people universally like is Wonder Woman, but it appears that the sequel Wonder Woman 1984 will take a bit longer to reach theaters. Originally slated for a November 1, 2019 release, the movie will now be a summer film slated for June 5, 2020.

Wonder Woman herself Gal Gadot tweeted out the news earlier today.

Per THRWarner Bros. President of Domestic Distribution Jeff Goldstein expanded on Gadot’s characterization of the new date as “its rightful home,” saying:

“We had tremendous success releasing the first Wonder Woman film during the summer so when we saw an opportunity to take advantage of the changing competitive landscape, we did. This move lands the film exactly where it belongs.”

No apparent creative differences or crazy film-changing reshoots like Fox’s The New Mutants, but rather a strategy to draw an audience during a more opportune time like Fox’s other thing Dark Phoenix. Seeing how the first film’s June 2017 release, plus the positive reception and word of mouth, led to a massive box office haul, it is believable that this is a move to possibly make lightning strike twice.

Considering it seems like DC Films and Warner Bros. have no clue what they’re doing (read our thoughts on that here), it isn’t the best look to have single movies scattered around their schedule, with only one 2018 film in Aquaman, and Shazam! coming in not even four months later. Those two films have to be good in order to maintain excitement in the long-term for this entire operation. On the other side, Marvel Studios and Disney are pumping out three movies a year.

I’m curious to see how much of the film Warner Bros. will tease until the release date—we’ve seen official set photos of Gadot and Chris Pine, a look at Kristen Wiig as the villain, and news that composer Hans Zimmer will return with the electric cello for some sick jam sessions (be wary of crazy concert flashing lights in this video). In the meantime, feel free to make dumb jokes about where Wonder Woman 2 to 1983 went, or that it should be called “Wonder Woman 2020” now or some corny shit like that.

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