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Wolfenstein 3 could be in development, according to a new job listing

There’s a curious job opening at MachineGames

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For all you B.J. Blazkowicz fans out there, it’s possible that Wolfenstein 3 could currently be in development. While Cyberpilot and Youngblood came out in 2019, the last mainline entry in the revitalized series was back in 2017. Since then, many of you have wanted to see more exploits from the Nazi-killing protagonist.

The existence of a new job opening comes from Reddit user Hard2DaC0re, who points to a new vacancy posted by developer MachineGames. The studio has been responsible for the modern wave of Wolfenstein games, so the fact that the company is advertising a new position suggests something is on the horizon (indeed, the MachineGames website shows a number of job openings). The senior animator listing specifically states that applicants must be familiar with the developer’s prior releases.

Is B.J. back?

It’s still early days to say for certain if Wolfenstein is poised for an immediate comeback. At the time of writing, there’s been no confirmation from official parties about whether Wolfenstein 3 is currently in the works. We already know that MachineGames is making an Indiana Jones game. These new positions could be related to that project. But it’s really just a matter of when in terms of Wolfenstein’s triumphant return.

While 2019’s Youngblood wasn’t as well received, it was still a welcome continuation of the rebooted series. Plus, it’s nice to see id Software’s iconic FPS franchise is still finding a home in the modern gaming world. Things have certainly changed a lot over the decades, but it seems what hasn’t changed is people’s desire to take on the Third Reich.

Just to reiterate, the rumors about a new Wolfenstein game being in development are just that. For now, it’s best to hold off any excitement, but hopefully, there’ll be some official news to gorge on at some point.

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