Wii has the most original IP, if you can call 20,000 minigames original

In what could be a job for Captain Obvious, a new Screen Digest report reveals that the Wii has more original IP than its competitors. According to the report, 40 games based on original IP are headed our way in the third quarter and of that number, over half will be Wii games.

The report theorizes that low development costs, motion-controls and the target audience are all factors for this slew of original content. That can be translated as this — developers know they can sh*t out a half-baked, waggle-based sack of crap on a shoestring budget and a bunch of dribbling nincompoops will snap it up. I should be a market analyst.

The Wii apparently has expanded its original IP base — to which Carnival Games and Escape From Bug Island belong — to more than double that of the PlayStation 3. It also has a third more than the Xbox 360. Again, Carnival Games is part of that equation. The report also warned that the Wii could become the most competitive market this holiday season, as the library becomes congested and publishers compete for space.

Aah, good old market saturation. Good for any industry, and with no obvious side effects. Just ask Atari!

James Stephanie Sterling