Whoa, this Bloodborne blood gem really sucks

Bloodborne blood gem

Sometimes, none is better

Pack it in, we found it folks! The worst Bloodborne blood gem in existence. As Reddit user FryingPan47 points out, this is the “worst blood gem [they’ve] ever gotten.” And I think that sentiment extends to me and pretty much everyone else.

Here’s the quick rundown of the radial, 16-rated gem:

  • Physical up at full HP+30.9%
  • HP gradually depletes-9


So folks have been working around “HP gradually depletes” Bloodborne blood gem for a long while now with life leech of their own. But to see it paired with one buff that’s basically impossible to keep topped off is something else.

Seeing “troll buffs” like this Bloodborne blood gem is so common in all of the MMOs and action RPGs I’ve played throughout my lifetime (and it’s commonplace in the Borderlands series). According to FryingPan47, they had been farming for gems and came up with this. Hey, they can’t even be mad! The rest of the world got to see it. Amazingly, they “already have a +30% physical and -8 health depletion gem.” So this is just double the bad luck.

I really love how vibrant and helpful the Bloodborne community still is after all these years. They’re uncovering all sorts of gems (pun intended) and it constantly makes me want to go back into Yharnam.

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