Whoa: The Alliance Alive 3DS cover is also a board game!

I love that unique packaging still exists

Atlus is the master of good packaging. I mean, the company is nearly unparalleled, as they’re consistently delivering the goods regardless of how impressive individual massive AAA collector’s editions might sparingly be.

That includes this cover of Alliance Alive, the recently released RPG from developer Cattle Call. As spotted by Tiny Cartridge, taking out the slip cover tucked away inside reveals an actual board game, with a rule sheet and everything.

It’s a simple roll & move joint, but it brings me back to an era of cross-media board game projects — like the one that came in the VHS tape for the Gargoyles movie (which was actually just a collective of the first several episodes of the TV show).

If you’re curious about the game itself, we have a great review for you to read.

The Alliance Alive’s cover has a board game [Tiny Cartridge]

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