Warner Bros. saves Disney Infinity’s Avalanche Software, working on Cars 3

Pictured: The remains of the toys-to-life industry

In case you missed it, or just don’t care about the recent toys-to-life craze, Disney shuttered basically all of its studios in an effort to just license their IP out (a traditionally non-Disney move, as they typically create studios to handle their own business). That includes Avalanche Software, one of the best licensed developers in the industry, who was responsible for the (now defunct) Disney Infinity series, and a few other gems like Toy Story 3: The Video Game, which was far better than you’d expect.

In any case they’re getting a new lease on life thanks to WB. John Blackburn, the former CEO, is leading up basically the same team, and they already have a gig — Cars 3. It seems like a sure thing that more is on the way too, as David Haddad, president of Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, specifically mentions that they’re excited for “all future games under Blackburn’s leadership.”

Since Avalanche already developed the Cars 2 game, it seems like a perfect fit. I’m just glad they’re still around making things.

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