Which class will you lead to glory in Fire Emblem: Three Houses?

School of Hard Knocks

We are mere days away from the release of the newest title in the beloved Fire Emblem series, Three Houses. In recent weeks, Nintendo has released trailers showcasing the titular places of learning who will turn to you for guidance during a bitter civil war in the land of Beseria. You have ties to all involved, but when steel clashes and the arrows start flying, where will you stand?

As for your own constituency, the newest trailer in this recent series looks at the Officer’s Academy, where the faculty and higher-ranking members of the Garreg Mach Monastery operate. Think of it as a sort of hub-world, a neutral ground between the warring factions, where you can study, talk with students, train for combat and plan your strategic options for the next battle.

As I’ve covered these recent trailers, I’ve breezed through comments from fans both here and elsewhere, and there is very much trepidation about Three Houses. Everyone wants it to be a great game – of course they do – but there is very much a stand-offish atmosphere surrounding the release, with many players seemingly concerned about getting their hopes up too high.

At least this ice will be broken soon enough, as Fire Emblem: Three Houses will launch on Nintendo Switch July 26. One way or another, the truth will out.

Chris Moyse
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