Where to pre-order the Pokémon Go Plus+, and how much it costs

At $54.99, you really have to want it

The Pokemon Company has not only revealed their new Pokemon Go Plus+ device, but they also put it up for pre-order at select retailers. It’s priced at $54.99, which is roughly the cost of a brand new game.

Note that if you’re a hardcore Pokemon Go player, you might want to actually pre-order it: even if you keep it in the box temporarily to gauge how rare it’ll be post-launch.

What does the Pokemon Go Plus+ actually do?

As The Pokemon Company announced in 2023’s Pokemon Day presentation, the confusingly named Pokemon Go Plus+ connects with Pokemon Go and the upcoming Pokemon Sleep app.

Here is the full description from The Pokémon Company:

“Pokemon GO Plus + is a new device that uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology to link with the Pokemon Sleep and Pokemon GO smart device apps! With the Pokemon Sleep app, just press and hold the central button on the Pokemon GO Plus + accessory and place it by your pillow. There’s a Pikachu within your Pokemon GO Plus + that can sing you lullabies and act as your morning alarm; Pikachu grows friendlier the more you sleep, unlocking even more sounds! Depending on your rest rhythm, you can collect more Pokemon to complete the sleep Pokedex! Keep an eye on your sleep data and link to Pokemon GO to take advantage of upcoming gameplay features. With Pokémon GO, use this accessory to spin PokeStops or throw Poke Balls automatically (and Great Balls and Ultra Balls too!). You can catch Pokemon without even pressing a button! Linking Pokemon GO Plus + with Pokemon GO will also let you take on Special Research to catch a Snorlax with a nightcap.”

This device is intended to replace the original Pokemon Go Plus, which was released in 2017 for $34.99.

Pokemon Go Plus+ cost, pre-order, release date info:

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