Pokemon Go Plus+ links Pokemon Go and Pokemon Sleep

Pokemon Go Plus +Header

Finally, a reason to wake up

Nintendo has announced a new gizmo to bridge the gap between Pokemon Sleep and Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go Plus+ is a small device that you apparently sleep with. You press the button when you lie down to sleep and press it again when you wake up.

That would be weird if that was it, but it actually gets stranger. So, apparently, there’s a Pikachu inside this little device that will sing you lullabies and grow friendlier with you as you sleep together. That’s a nice change!

It will record your sleep data from the Pokemon Sleep app, which will be used in Pokemon Go sometime in the future. You can also carry the device around to automatically spin Pokestops that you pass by and throw balls at Pokemon automatically.

Pokemon Go Plus+ is coming on July 14, 2023. By linking it to Pokemon Go, you’ll be given research that will allow you to catch a Snorlax in a nightcap.

Zoey Handley
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