Where to find the Bulldoze TM 028 in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Where to find the Bulldoze TM 028 in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

It’s really close to the Asado desert

As you continue your Pokemon Scarlet and Violet quest into the west, you may as well stop and smell the roses a bit. And by smell the roses I mean the easily picked-up TMs in the region.

Where to find Bulldoze TM 028

You can find Bulldoze right next to the Asado desert at the exact location above, north of “Area One.”

It’s directly on the ridge next to the coastline, so it helps to come at it from higher ground, heading toward the green part of the ridge (on the map) to the west. Just follow the road and walk along the cliffside, then jump down to reach the location in the gallery above. You’ll know it because the ledge will end, and you’ll have no choice but to jump down anyway.

Here’s what Bulldoze does: “The user strikes everything around it by stomping down on the ground. This lowers the speed stats of those hit.”

As a ground type move, it could be useful to teach your Pokemon as you move from the western zone into the east: and take on Iono in the electric gym. Remember, you can also recall TMs via the TM Machine in the future.

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