Where to find Slakoth in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Where to find Slakoth in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet map

This lazy Pokemon can be hard to find

Slakoth eluded me in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet for ages, but the same doesn’t have to happen to you. This is actually one of the last Pokemon I found across both games, so keep in mind that you’re not alone!

Method 1: Find Slakoth manually in trees

I didn’t know this until I had two full clear files, but Slakoth are actually found in trees. Dash into trees (after unlocking the ability for your mount) to see if they fall out of them in the locations above (you can also look for an icon on your map).

If one doesn’t pop out of the tree, you can create a picnic nearby to reset spawns and try again. Or! You can use an arguably easier method if you just can’t find any Slakoth Pokemon at all in a reasonable amount of time.

There is a decent farming location southwest of the Paldea map, over in South Province Area One. You can check its location in the gallery above.

Method 2: Hatch one from an easier to find Slaking

Keep in mind that egg hatching (and thus, creating devolved versions of Pokemon from a host and a Ditto) is still a thing in the Scarlet & Violet generation. If you start a picnic and have Slaking (or Vigoroth for that matter) and a ditto together, you can hatch an egg and just check Slakoth off of your Pokedex list without having to find a wild one. You can find locations for Vigoroth and Slaking in the gallery above, and although Slaking is billed as rare, it is lying on the ground in plain sight.

As for the act of egg hatching, we have an in-depth guide here if you need more help!

How to evolve Slakoth into Vigoroth and Slaking

Slakoth will evolve into Vigoroth at level 18. From there, you can get a Slaking from leveling Vigoroth to level 36.

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