Where to find Lumps of Ore in Wild Hearts

Ore in Wild Hearts

Lumps of Ore are actually quite rare to find

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To upgrade your armor and weapons, you’ll need to gather resources, and one of those is Lumps of Ore in Wild HeartsWhile going through the various cavernous areas of the game, you can build up your gathering for Lumps of Ore in the game.

Something to keep in mind is that ore is actually relatively hard to find. Luck needs to be on your side to get Lumps of Ore instead of Corestone in Wild Hearts. Here’s where you can find the resource in Wild Hearts. 

Lumps of Ore in Wild Hearts location

Wild Hearts Ore location
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You can primarily find ore in Wild Hearts while exploring the caves of Haragasumi Way, Natsuodachi Isle, Fuyufusagi Fort, and Akikure Canyon when you reach Chapter 3 of the story. They look like diamonds on the ground. These rocks almost always cling to the stone wall. When you see this material, make sure your weapon is unequipped and hold the L2 button (LT on Xbox). Chunks of stone will begin to fall out of it.

At this point, you’ll get Corestone, Ore, Large Pieces of Ore, or Lumps of Ore. It will likely be the first as it’s the most common. The bigger rocks that have a shining stone center can also give you Mirror Stone and other materials.

What will make the process easier is the Tsukumo Ore Shrine you’ll unlock later on in the game. It will get these materials automatically for you, increasing your chances of acquiring Lumps of Ore in Wild Hearts. 

You’ll also want to be on the lookout for Small Welkin Crystals. They’re red almost flower-like rocks that grow on vines. They’re essential because they’re used to activate Dragon Pits throughout each open area. Once activated, Dragon Pits can act like bases or fast-travel locations.

Can you buy other materials?

While it does not seem like you can buy Lumps of Ore, you can certainly get Ore in Wild Hearts from a store, but once again, it will be up to Lady Luck. You’ll want to visit the Crimson Treasury store in the hub town Minato and speak to Kogyoku. Select “Purchase Goods” and then take a gander at her store menu to see if she has Ore. As the shop list is randomized after every hunt, you may not see the Ore at first. Keep checking after every hunt and maybe you’ll be lucky. It would be cool if weapons are offered at the Crimson Treasury like the Claw Blade, but alas, that is not the case

In addition, there is Azuma Cloth you can purchase at the Store, which Yataro can use to make cute ornaments like ribbons that can be equipped.

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