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How to unlock the Claw Blade in Wild Hearts

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The Claw Blade in Wild Hearts is the quickest weapon in the game as you slash your way to victory. You can jump around, making unpredictable strikes on the Kemono of the world.

You may dismay that the Claw Blade in Wild Hearts isn’t available until later on in the story and can’t be unlocked right away. Here’s how to obtain the Claw Blade in the game.

When do you get the Claw Blade in Wild Hearts?

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At the beginning of the game, only five weapons can be forged. That includes the Karakuri Katana, Nodachi, Bow, Maul, and Bladed Wagasa. However, the other weapons become available when you finish Chapter 1 and enter Chapter 2. Thankfully, you can skip cutscenes to make the process faster.

After you defeat the embarrassingly easy colossal Kemono that threatens to destroy the village, the blacksmith Natsume will be able to form new weapons. This includes the Hand Cannon, Karakuri Staff, and of course, the Claw Blade.

To forge one, talk to Natsume like usual, and then select “Claw Blade” near the bottom of the list she presents to you. You’ll need one Corestone and only 100 Gold to make the new weapon. After agreeing to this cost, you’ll gain the Claw Blade.

How to upgrade the Claw Blade

Once the Claw Blade is forged, you can alter the weapon to your liking. For example, you can gain damage and the skill Critical Master by selecting the Aromatic Plum Claw. The skill boosts your critical hit chance. You can read exactly what each skill does by pressing the Triangle button (or Y on Xbox). You’ll also need to gather the Required Materials for each upgrade. For example, for Aromatic Plum Claw 2, you’ll need three Ragetail Fangs, three Ragetail Plums, two Small Crystal Ores, three Corestones, and 100 Gold.

When you get new weapons and armor, the appearance of your character will change.

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