Change Appearance in Wild Hearts
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How to change appearance in Wild Hearts

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You’ll often change your appearance in Wild Hearts, and that’s due to the sheer amount of armor you can craft in the game. By defeating mighty bosses in this Monster Hunter-like, you’ll gain valuable resources that can be used towards forging.

Once you have a glorious armor set or perhaps a DLC costume to equip, here’s how to change your appearance in Wild Hearts whenever you’re at camp or at a hub town.

Where to change appearance in Wild Hearts

Karakuki Ninja Cladding Wild Hearts
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You can alter your character’s look by crafting new armor pieces like gauntlets and helms as you proceed through Wild Hearts. You’ll be defeating monsters, finding new equipment to create, and improving your stats as you upgrade your clothing. As this process is occurring, you can alter your character’s appearance in Wild Hearts by going to a forge. You can do this at a camp while out in the wilderness or at a home base, talking to Natsume.

When you’re at the forge and want to change your outfit, select “Change equipment” from the menu. You can alter the “Weapons & Armor” that your character has, such as the helmet, body armor, gauntlets, hakama, and footwear. If there’s a specific look you want to have regardless of the armor you have equipped, there’s a blank space to the right that once filled will change your appearance in Wild Hearts. For example, if you have the Karakuri Edition, you can change to the Ninja Cladding or Samurai Cladding styles.

How to make armor

How to forge armor in Wild Hearts
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In the same forge menu, you can create your own armor. Press the square button (X on Xbox) to get to the Forge menu. You can see the Required Materials on the bottom right. If you need to make Young Samurai Haidate, for example, you’ll need a Sapscourge Horn, Sapscourge Tail, and 50 Gold. Once you get the materials and pay the price to forge, you can then equip your crafted armor. Now, you can share your outfit with everyone you connect with online through crossplay.

Hopefully, the gameplay will be just as fun for you as you are stylish.

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