Where to find Lillian Brightmoon in WoW Dragonflight

Like most things in Dragonflight, she’s in Valdrakken

Finding individual NPCs in World of Warcraft can be a pain, but when in doubt: check the capital city. For the most part many of the high priority characters are all huddled in the core zone, and in the case of WoW Dragonflight, it’s Valdrakken. Here’s where to find Lillian Brightmoon, who happens to reside in that very city.

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Where to find Lillian Brightmoon

Lillian Brightmoon is located in Valdrakken, at coordinates 35.2, 25.3. You’ll find them at the Azure Archives Annex near the Sapphire Enclave, which is in the northwestern portion of the city. Lillian Brightmoon is in the small room furthest back on the first floor. Funnily enough, there’s a little creature there named Mr. Biscuits, who will occasionally toss things at Lillian (much to her chagrin).

We have more on how to get to Valdrakken (if you haven’t already) here.

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What quests/rewards does Lillian Brightmoon offer?

Lillian brightmoon’s primary purpose is to facilitate the questline Vault Artifacts, which deals with the Vault of the Incarnates raid. If you find Vault Artifacts while raiding (which are dropped from both elite and normal enemies), go to her location and turn them in, which will then allow you to continue to turn in artifacts and repeat the process.

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