Large Scales in Wild Hearts
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Where to find Large Scales in Wild Hearts

Let’s upgrade our gear

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There’s a constant evolution of your armor and weapons in the Monster Hunting genre, and you’ll need Large Scales in Wild Hearts to elevate your gear. Large Scales can be dropped by a certain Small Kemono that is stalking the lands of Wild Hearts. 

Here’s an explanation of where to find Large Scales in Wild Hearts, and an example of what you can upgrade with them. You’ll need as much help as you can get in this terrifying world of monsters, fellow hunter.

Large Scales in Wild Hearts location

Wild Hearts Large Scales location
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You’ll find Large Scales in Wild Hearts once you’ve reached Chapter 3 of the main story. This is because this is from a more invasive species of the Springwatch Monitor than previously. This scaled reptile can be spotted in Harugasumi Way. Hover your cursor over to the blue camp on the red-outlined island to begin your hunt.

How to find Springwatch Monitors

Springwatch Monitor location Wild Hearts
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Once you arrive in Harugasumi Way, you’ll want to boot up your “Detailed Map” of the area. Here’s a handy tip for you: you can change the icons on the map to focus just on the Small Kemono in your vicinity. Press right on the D-Pad, and you should see a bunch of small beige spots all over the map. Use the right stick to zoom in and then hover the cursor over each spot. Look for the Springwatch Monitor and mark it with the Cross button (A on Xbox). Once you arrive at the location, take down the Small Kemono and skin it to get your first of many Large Scales in Wild Hearts. 

Once you have the material, you can forge weapons like the Blade of Nature’s Splendor, which gives you 275 damage and the Critical Master inherited skill, which gives 5% extra damage for critical hits. You may also want to find Lumps of Ore during your Wild Hearts adventures or forge a badass Claw Blade.

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