Where to find Lacewing Flies in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Lacewing Flies Location

Lacewing Flies in Hogwarts Legacy are a magical ingredient you’ll likely need for your Potions StationThey can help create the lucky Felix Felicis and useful Focus Potion that can be helpful in finding larger loot chests and in battle respectively.

The game’s description of Lacewing Flies is pretty simplistic, so let’s help you find these bugs so you can start potion crafting in the Room of Requirement or in the dedicated classroom itself.

How to buy Lacewing Flies in Hogwarts Legacy

Lacewing Flies in Hogwarts Legacy
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There is an easy and hard way to find Lacewing Flies in Hogwarts Legacy. Let’s start with the easier option. First, you’ll want to visit J.J. Pippin’s Potions within Hogsmeade. It’s a store that sells ingredients like Lacewing Flies, Horklump Juice, and potions in general. The store is located to the west of the magical town. It’s hard to miss it as it’s painted in a purply blue and has a stack of large cauldrons sitting by the entrance.

Once inside, you can purchase five vials of Lacewing Flies in Hogwarts Legacy for 100 Galleons. You can also find three Wiggenweld potions for the price of 100 Galleons.

Where to find Lacewing Flies in the wild

Finding them can be a little bit of a challenge. Go out into the Scottish countryside of Hogwarts Legacy and be on the lookout for some bushes with a green glow. It’s best to look for them at night as the glare is more eye-catching. The game states that these ingredients are “commonly found in open fields” so make sure to search areas of grass without trees overhanging the environment. If you’re ever confused, you can cast Lumos for a brighter view of the scenery or use Revelio to see the bushes outlined in a golden hue.

Once you’ve found the Lacewing Flies in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll be able to make two powerful potions. Both will be quick and easy to make once you have all of the ingredients. The Focus Station and Felix Felicis only take a minute to brew while plants like the Venomous Tentacula take up to 15 minutes to grow.

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