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Where to find a Fwooper in Hogwarts Legacy

In a Fwooper den, of course

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Hogwarts Legacy has a manageable amount of beasts, but a few of them are a little tough to find. The Unicorn immediately comes to mind, but the Fwooper bird-like species can be deceivingly elusive. Here’s where to find it.

Where to find Fwooper dens in Hogwarts Legacy

A Fwooper den can be found in the southern portion of the world map, at the northern tip of the Clagmar Coast region. On a hillside you’ll find a Fwooper den, which is actually two dens meshed into one.

Use Arresto Momentum on Fwoopers to prevent them from flying away. If they do take flight and you can’t capture them, hang out by the mountainside (they’ll often return close to the edge); or open the map back up and teleport out, then return later.

After that, you can take them back to The Room of Requirement Vivariums and breed them

Once you’ve caught both versions of the Fwooper, you can bring them back to a Vivarium in The Room of Requirement. With a breeding pen, you can create more Fwoopers, and harvest their materials with the right amount of food and grooming.

We have a full guide on Vivariums in Hogwarts Legacy here.

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