Where to catch Kneazles in Kneazle dens Hogwarts Legacy

They’re not too hard to find

Hogwarts Legacy beasts have a ton of utility, from creating opportunities to harvest upgrade materials, to selling the beasts themselves wholesale for cash. Here’s where to find and catch Kneazles, who will also help you inch closer toward the “every beast” achievement/trophy.

Kneazle dens are mostly located in the south

Kneazles seem like a basic type of beast that you’d get really early on (and near Hogwarts), but that’s not the case. Kneazles can mostly be found in the southern portion of the world map, which is easier to traverse once you’ve unlocked flight. You can find the location of a Kneazle den in the gallery above. Several more are located southeast of that spot.

Once you’ve reached the den, cast Revelio to highlight all of the creatures that will start running when you approach them; then cast Arresto Momentum on each Kneazle to ensure they don’t run too far. Grab them with your bag: from that point on, the choice is yours what to do with them!

Can you breed Kneazles in Hogwarts Legacy?

Yes, you can breed Kneazles.

There is nothing special about this species, and they’re commonly found around the game world.

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