Where is Kieran at the festival in The Teal Mask? – Answered

Kieran can be annoying to track down

A few hours into Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: The Teal Mask, you’ll be asked to hang out with an NPC named Kieran, and head straight into a Kitakami mask festival. Once you’re actually in the festival you’re effectively trapped until you interact with Kieran and take in the sights and sounds of the event; which means no mounting and running away. Here’s how to find Kieran and push the story along, as there won’t be clear markers to do so.

Your first stop is the apple stand

It’s no banana stand, but the apple stand at the festival is the first place you’ll find Kieran. All you need to do is walk up to them to cue a quick cutscene: and then you can make your way further up the steps to the next portion of the festival (and the story). You can view a picture of the apple stand directly above.

Note Kieran’s appearance: it’ll be helpful for finding them easily again.

Keep climbing the stairs until you reach the Ogre Oustin’ building

After Kieran runs off, you’ll want to continue up the stairs until you see the giant temple. Veer right and talk to Kieran again, who is meandering around the Ogre Oustin’ building. Complete the minigame (it’s three rounds of easy difficulty waves), and then a cutscene will play.

Follow that Pokemon!

Said cutscene will show the Teal Mask “box” Pokemon wandering around: simply follow it around the corner, and continue to chase it up the stairs. Another cutscene will kick off, and you’ll acquire the titular Teal Mask.

Run back down the stairs to the entrance (where Kieran will be clearly marked on the map this time) and you’re free from the festival!

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