When is Pokémon Home access coming to Scarlet & Violet?

Who says you can’t go home?

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have been out in the wild for a while now. It sold a ton of copies, featured limited-time events, and will receive performance updates in the future. Yet one feature is conspicuously missing: Pokemon Home support.

Pokemon Home is the only method to transfer your legacy Pokemon into the newest entries in the series. So far, we’ve seen two timetables for Pokemon Home. On one hand, Pokemon Sword & Shield received Pokemon Home access when the app was released in February 2020 – approximately three months after its release. Conversely, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, Shining Pearl, and Legends: Arceus didn’t receive Home access until four to five months had passed since their release. This makes our timetable for Pokemon Home support in Scarlet & Violet a bit tenuous, but at least we have a vague idea of when it will come.

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When approximately is Pokemon Home access coming to Scarlet & Violet?

As of now, the official word has not changed since release: Spring 2023.

Season windows can be a bit vague when it comes to game or feature releases. That said, this should give us a range between March 20th and June 21st. Given this context, it looks like Scarlet & Violet will veer closer towards the lengthier wait for Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl’s support. That said, since there are fewer games that require support this time around, we may see access closer to April. Only time will tell.

It’s worth noting that Pokemon Home support will be limited when it becomes available in Scarlet & Violet. You will only be able to transfer Pokemon that “can appear in those games.” This, at minimum, includes any of the 400 Pokemon that are included in the Scarlet & Violet Pokedex. This also implies that Pokemon featured in the limited 7-Star Tera Raid challenges will be transferable. The pre-evolutionary forms of these Pokemon are already available via breeding.

Additionally, battle data for the competitive scene in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will become available in Home by “early 2023.” Though this wording is also vague, this implies that we could see this update before Home access itself becomes available in Scarlet & Violet. Pokemon Home is available to download for Nintendo Switch, as well as iOS and Android devices. Basic access is available for free, and expanded features are available for monthly or yearly subscriptions.

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