When do you get the rings back in Fire Emblem Engage?

Emblem Rings back in Fire Emblem Engage

Friendships are torn

Fire Emblem Engage does the unthinkable: taking your emblem rings away. Each one of these essential items contains a legendary hero, like Marth and Roy, that can assist your squad members with their powerful weapons, skills, and attacks.

Thankfully, you can get your rings back in Fire Emblem Engage, but be warned, it will require a lot of patience. Expect spoilers for Chapter 10 and afterward down below.

Exact moments when you get the rings back in Fire Emblem Engage

Rings back in Fire Emblem Engage Roy Micaiah
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The overall goal of Fire Emblem Engage is to gather all 12 rings and stop the evil Fell Dragon from corrupting the world and taking over others. In Chapter 10, the Fell Dragon’s forces manage to swipe all of them from Alear and the gang, yet through a fortunate circumstance, you’ll gain Lyn and Lucina.

As you proceed through the story and defeat certain characters in combat, you’ll get the rings back in Fire Emblem Engage. Here are the precise moments you’ll regain these emblems:

  • Chapter 13 (Heroes of the Oasis) – Ike
  • Chapter 14 (Battle of the Solm) – Byleth
  • Chapter 15 (Dancer of the Ruins) – Corrin
  • Chapter 16 (Seashore Travels) – Eirika
  • Chapter 17 (Serenity in Ruin) – Leif and Sigurd
  • Chapter 19 (The Dead Town) – Roy and Micaiah
  • Chapter 20 (The Kingless Castle) – Celica
  • Chapter 23 (The Four Hounds) – Marth

It’s quite strange how long it takes to get Marth back, as you’ll only have three more chapters with the emblem before the end of the game. Unfortunately, there isn’t a new game plus option to further your time with Marth.

How to equip bond rings

Bond rings Fire Emblem Engage
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With the lack of emblem rings after Chapter 10, you’ll have many characters left without assistance. Thankfully, they can get a boost in stats from bond rings instead. In Somniel, there’s the Ring Chamber that can help you create these objects with bond fragments. It’s similar to a gacha system as it’s based on luck but thankfully, it doesn’t feature microtransactions. Two ways to get bond fragments are to visit Sommie in the hub town and finish skirmishes.

Once you’ve created some bond rings, go to the usual emblem ring menu where you’ve equipped Marth to Alear in the past. Now, switch to a different tab by moving right on the thumbstick or D-Pad. You’ll now have access to each emblem’s bond rings. They will give bonuses like extra strength and speed.

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