Fire Emblem Engage doesn’t have a new game plus mode

But there is DLC

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Ah, New Game+ (otherwise known as NG+). Back in my day, not every game had it! But in 2023, it’s become such an expected concept, that it can be really jarring if something doesn’t include it (especially if a series has done it in the past). Well, Fire Emblem Engage doesn’t have New Game+. But it does have a postgame of sorts, as well as DLC to play around with.

Here’s what you can do after you beat the game in Fire Emblem Engage

After you’re done with the game, you have the option to re-explore in a cooldown chapter of sorts, play stuff you’ve already completed, rework your party, and mess about in the Somniel hub. You can also embark on some DLC adventures, but not all of them are available in the game’s launch window.

One of the big things you’ll want to do in the postgame state is max out your bonds. You’ll have infinite time to do so, and a strong party to do it with to boot. Positioning party members and using weaker ones just to increase your bond strength is totally doable once all of the stress of actually getting the game finished has melted away.

There is always a possibility down the line for a major update (and Three Houses had some significant patches) that could add something like New Game+ or another difficulty into the mix: but for now, it’s up in the air.

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