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How to find Sommie & earn care rewards in Fire Emblem Engage

Meet your new companion

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No Fire Emblem game would be complete without meeting some form of cute quota. Sommie, your new series companion, fills that role nicely. Don’t worry though! Sommie isn’t high maintenance and is a completely optional part of Fire Emblem Engage. They also won’t follow you around and annoy you to death.

Here’s how to locate Sommie and what they actually do in-game.

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Where to find Sommie in the Somniel

Sommie is a little dog-dragon-pet (and optional mechanic) that can be found shortly after you enter the Somniel hub area. They’re located in a cave toward the southeast portion of the Somniel, which we have a full visual breakdown for in the gallery above.

Once you meet Sommie a short cutscene will play, and you’ll have the chance to dress them up, pet them, or feed them. You do have the option to change their name here (but you can’t change it back).

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What does Sommie actually do in Fire Emblem Engage?

As a divine pet of sorts, Sommie is an extra activity to play with in the hub. Sommie’s main purpose is to help players during some Somniel minigames (notably fishing and the flying exercise), and dole out gifts (Spirit Gems and Bond Fragments). You can facilitate that friendship through giving gifts of your own, and by petting Sommie (through a short fixed cutscene).

Here are the three things you can do with Sommie

  • Feed
  • Pet
  • Dress Up (there is no tangible benefit for this, it’s just cosmetic)

When you feed Sommie, there are three possible outcomes: they either groan in discomfort, look happy, or jump up and down. These are the three tiers of dislike, like, and love. Keep that in mind when trying to optimize your feeding times for the highest bond yield. In our experience, Sommie likes peaches, beans, apples, milk, and grapes the most: and dislikes nuts and onions. Petting them is just as simple as it sounds, and will also yield rewards.

If you do engage with Sommie at all, treat it like a job. Between missions you’ll want to go back to the Somniel and feed/pet it, if you’re looking to get some small bonuses for those minigame attempts (for fishing, Sommie helps you reel in fish faster, and for flight, it’ll auto-fire at markers).

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