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Whatcha been playing this week, Destructoid?

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Hey Yo, friends and well-wishers, and thanks for showing out for Whatcha Been Playing? I hope that this week has been a fine one, and that the weekend will be equally filled with mirth and merriment. I’ve found that my weekends have been speeding by far too quickly. One moment I’m buying my Saturday donut, and the next I’m grumbling out of bed on Monday morning. I think the key to prolonging the weekend is to do as much as possible as soon as possible. Less social media checking, less 20-minute showers, and less time trying to unlock Juri in Street Fighter: Duel.

So, this Saturday, I am NOT GOING TO STOP. I’m going to be showered, dressed, and made-up in minutes, out buying my donut, and then back home in double quick time — where I will watch movies, chat with friends, check social media, and try to unlock Juri iiinn…. oh…

Still, I have all of you, and that’s where The Truth lies. I hope that you all have joyful, restful, or exciting weekends as you desire. And if you’re still clocking into our capitalist world, then I hope you have a smooth, easy shift and that you get home to something or someone that you love very soon. We’ll be sure to keep a place at the table for you x


We’ve had some staff members on holiday, so I haven’t had a whole lot of time to get deep into gaming, though I will probably spend this coming weekend delving into the grim underbelly of the Diablo IV beta. Additionally, for some reason I just can’t quite put my finger on, I reinstalled Ultra Street Fighter IV and bounced around between different modes. Maybe I just wanted a dose of that summery ’00s joy again.

I’ll tell you what though, it’s still great. It’s fast, colorful, and packed full of personality — which really brings home the reality of how character-free Street Fighter V was with its glum presentation and drab, barebones fonts. That said, Capcom better leave those one-frame links dead and buried. I went back to the combo trials, and while I’ve far improved at fighting games since SFIV‘s launch, some of those finger-breaking, wrist-grinding combos are still utterly obnoxious. Anyway, it was a fine walk down fighting game memory lane, and I can’t wait for the launch of Street Fighter 6 come June.


But it is not June, it is Saturday, March 18, 2023, and it’s time to hear all about Whatcha Been Playing. So mosey down to the comments and share with me and your fellow community members all of the tubular times that you’ve been having in the wicked world of gaming ala video. Whether you’re smashing through newer RPGs such as Trails of Azura or Octopath Traveler II, still pullin’ triggers in the Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Demo, or just chillin’ out with some old, familiar favorites, we want to hear all about it. Spin us a sentence or an essay*, all words are welcome, and — as always — I’m looking forward to checking out all of your comments this week!

Have a wonderful weekend, from all of us at Destructoid.

[*Exceptionally long comments can occasionally flag. If so, a mod will approve when able. Be sure to copy your text offline before publishing, just in case.]

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