What do you think of the Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Demo?

resident evil chainsaw demo impressions

Now with 100% more flaming cow atrocity

It was pretty rad of the Capcom krew to give us all a taste of blood this weekend, courtesy of what has come to be known as the Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Demo — For fans across the globe, these past two days offered run after run of the same 20 minutes of gameplay, pulled from the opening of the upcoming survival horror remake. Though not without its own share of secrets and surprises.

I have to admit, The Resident Evil 4 Remake is sure looking and playing exactly how I thought The Resident Evil 4 Remake was going to look and play. That’s not a negative review, far from it, but with a game as beloved as the 2005 classic, you knew that the developer was unlikely stray too far from the general concepts of the original release, albeit bolstered with fancy new graphics and a few welcome combat techniques. Did you know you carry parry a pitchfork? Well, you do now, son.

It certainly isn’t a good time for animals, with the appearance of a butchered deer, a stain that was once a rabbit, a dog that, apparently, cannot be rescued, and a particularly rough moment where a cow is accidentally set alight, becoming a flaming fireball destroying all in its path. Well, they don’t call it Survival Good Times, after all. The visuals are understandably fab, and the more claustrophobic atmosphere of the surrounding woodland definitely improves upon the original release. Leon still dives through closed windows, so they remembered the important stuff.

I think the remake is looking very solid, though the demo didn’t set me, personally, on fire like that cow. Will I play the full game? Sure, in time, but I’m not in a rush to charge through Resident Evil 4 and its giant statue puzzle once again. Not unless they include the jet-ski glitch. For the dedicated fan, however, I imagine the demo has stoked the hype fires a little — even if Leon does move like he’s carrying rocks in his back pockets…

…Ah well, at least he’s mastered the art of walking while aiming.

But this isn’t about what I think of the demo, we wanna know what you think of the demo. Did you check it out? Once? twice? 30 times? Have you uncovered the secrets? What have they improved? What do you think still needs a little work? For 15 minutes of gameplay, there’s a surprising amount to be said, so drop into Destructoid’s big bingo card below and have your say.

Resident Evil 4 launches March 28 on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms.

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