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Good morning, friends, and welcome to this week’s Whatcha Been Playing? You find me, nay, us, at a strange crossroads in the long and winding road of Destructoid. As you may have heard — and indeed, read — Jordan Devore has finally decided the time is right to disembark, having been on-board for an amazing 15 years. While Destructoid is going through some major changes, this was not the reason for Devore’s exodus… He simply believed the door was open and the time was right. I agreed with his hypothesis, and I know that he already has some exciting life prospects and plans ahead, and he is taking the right steps to ensure that he can make the most of them.

I mean, he’s going to the coast today. Am I going to the coast today? No. So there’s one example.

Regardless, Jordan will be muchly missed by the team and the community, (though I’m sure he’ll pop his head in the door from time to time). I’d like to thank him for all of his help over the years. I know that I’m ace af, but you’d be surprised how… much… I can be to work with. Jordan always made time for me, and even on those occasions when he was wrong about movies (as everyone here who isn’t me often is) I never held it against him. You don’t do that when you love your friends. And he’s very much my friend.

There’s a rat in me kitchen

The past two weeks have been a blur for me. With Jordan out and Chris on vacation, I was left to hold the fort alongside Eric, Noelle, and CJ at a time of great upheaval. As such, I did not get any real time to myself or to dig into games, save for crunching out the finale of the bitter and brutal adventure A Plague Tale: Requiem. If you go and read my review then you’ll find my thoughts on what is a divisive and deliberately paced, but altogether engaging and ambitious adventure. Just… maybe be in the right headspace to play it, folks. It ain’t a chucklefest, that’s fer true.

What’s next on the gaming agenda for me? Well, keep an eye out for a few words about the mind-bending shmup NeverAwake, and, after that, I’m sure I can find something in the winter slate to ply my thoughts and feelings too. That Need for Speed Unbound is sure looking mighty purty… Hmm….

Me gonna fix that rat

I might not have played much this week, but I bet all y’all have, right? So you know what I want to hear: Head on into the comments and fill us all in on whatcha been playing. I don’t need to reiterate that, just like early UFC, THERE ARE NO RULES (even though there were some rules). It can be new games, old games, fun games, not-so-fun games. Hell, if you haven’t played any games, then tell us about a movie, or tell us about yourselves. We gather here every Saturday to keep this dear community happy and inspired, and your input is the key to that. So have it, and let’s all welcome the weekend together. After all, we’re friends, and you do that when you love your friends.

Have a wonderful weekend, from all of us at Destructoid.

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