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The name’s Moyse… The Industry’s Chris Moyse, and welcome to another week’s Whatcha Been Playing? In case you haven’t get, I’ve got my Bond-age on this week, (well, it is Saturday after all), following the official release of the long-awaited 007 movie, No Time to Die. It will still be a week or so before I get the time and headspace to check it out, but I’m looking forward to the swansong of a very good Jimmy Bond — Daniel Craig. Casino Royale is probably my favorite Bond movie, but I feel Craig’s films decline a little with each entry, with the interminable Spectre just being downright BAD. Here’s hoping that NTTD picks things up for his final hurrah. So long, Craig, and thanks for all the elbows to the jaw.

This week have spent most of my time running through the hellish underworld that is Hades. And hoo boy have I had a fun and sexy time doing it. Hades is quite the game, and well worth every one of its 50+ awards. From its visuals to its characters, its control to its pace, the music, voice-acting, and everything in-between — Hades is something very special. It’s also hot af, with oodles of beautiful, hair-raising gods and goddesses just waiting for your gifts of nectar. I think my favorite is Artemis, but Eurydice is also a stunner. Zagreus’ collarbone is just… *swoon*. Incidentally, thank you all for all your amazing comments regarding my revelations last week… You make me feel so very loved. The feeling is mutual.

So, before you head off into the weekend, be sure to visit the comments below and let us know what games you’ve been playing this past week/weekend. If you haven’t had time for gaming — maybe you watched a few movies or TV shows — then tell us about those instead (just go easy on the spoilers, cheers). You can be a part of the party. Everybody is welcome here. Looking forward to trawling through your posts and seeing what’s keeping you entertained as we enter October. Let’s see if we can hit 300 comments in this week’s Whatcha Been Playing? That’d be rad!

Have a wonderful weekend, from all of us at Destructoid.

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