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Good morning, good weekend, happy holidays, and welcome to Whatcha Been Playing? I hope that you’re all feeling suitably festive this Saturday morning, regardless of your disposition to The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. I must admit to not feeling particularly “Christmassy” in 2022, and I haven’t in some years. But, importantly, I never lose the love for life slowing down just a little, and delivering us all a little bit of holiday cheer, with the emphasis on “Holiday”.

So, I hope that this week has been kind to you and yours, and that this weekend will allow you to take your foot off the accelerator a little — regardless of whether you’re celebrating Santa Day or otherwise. I’m really grateful that you took a little time out to join us this morning, and I’m sending you lots of love and good wishes for a happy weekend and, hopefully, a nice long holiday from the rise and grind.

At least the workplace rise and grind. The gaming rise and grind doesn’t take a holiday. Ever.

We wish you a Juri Christmas

In terms of gaming, I spent more time than was sensible gobbling up every second of the second Street Fighter 6 closed beta. Look, I gotta tell ya, that game just feels better and better the more I play it. You never really know exactly whether a fighter is working out until a couple of months after launch — That’s when we’ve investigated what works, what doesn’t, how the meta has rolled out, how toxic the game is, etc. But, just from these early play sessions, I can’t really get enough of Capcom’s next scrapper.

The visuals, the sound, the new character models, the exciting new roster additions. And that’s without even mentioning the elements we haven’t explored yet: World Tour, mini-games, competitive scene, story mode, and all the newcomers and their roles in the Street Fighter universe. June is gonna be a bit of a wait, that’s for sure, but every month that passes is a month more polish. I hope that, come launch day, Capcom really delivers on this early promise shown by the title. Stay the course, team. Ah’m beggin’ ya.

Baby, it’s cold outside… So stay in and comment

It’s time to shuffle off to our respective weekends. Before you do so, I have a couple of important things to note. Firstly, be sure to jump into the comments below and share with us all Whatcha Been Playing. I’ve really been digging how in-depth some of y’all have been getting in recent weeks, and I appreciate the time you choose to spend here with me. Secondly, last week’s comment count shot back up to typical numbers following the return of “Comments Beneath Article”. Thanks for helping to show why this matters.

Let’s keep the comment train chugging in 2023. Destructoid appreciates it, the community appreciates it, and, more than anyone, I appreciate it.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend, from all of us at Destructoid.

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