What time is daily reset in Honkai Star Rail?

Honkai Star Rail daily reset

Don’t forget your daily missions!

Like most live-service games, Honkai: Star Rail is built around many of the games systems resetting on a daily or weekly timer. We have our standard daily missions, daily training, and Nameless Honor daily and weekly missions.

If you look at the individual panels in game, most of them will have a countdown until the next reset time. Some descriptions however simply indicate that reset will occur at 04:00 AM server time. However, it is not easily apparent when exactly server time is, and it varies based on your server region.

If you don’t have dailies unlocked yet, you should check out how to unlock Daily Training and Daily Missions in Honkai: Star Rail.  With a lot of the content operating on a daily schedule, it’s important to know what time is daily reset in Honkai: Star Rail?

Honkai: Star Rail reset time for American servers

The American servers reset daily at 04:00 AM EST.

Reset time for European servers

The European servers reset daily at 04:00 AM GMT+1.

Reset time for Asian servers

The Asian servers reset daily at 04:00 AM GMT+8.

What resets at reset time in Honkai: Star Rail

All of the daily missions that you can find scattered throughout the world reset exactly at reset time. Furthermore, your daily training which has you do specific tasks to unlock various rewards resets at this time as well.  Lastly, all of the Nameless Honor daily missions needed to progress your battle pass quickly reset at this time as well.

Your weekly missions for the Nameless Honor battle pass reset every Monday at this time. You should definitely take advantage of completing as many of these missions in time as you can. For more information on why it is so important, check out our Honkai: Star Rail Nameless Honor system, explained.

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