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How to unlock Daily Training and Daily Missions in Honkai Star Rail

Making the most of each day on the Express

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There are plenty of ways to get resources in Honkai: Star Rail, to keep your Express crew growing and becoming more powerful. A regular source of this, in any gacha-style game, are the daily tasks you can complete.

In Honkai: Star Rail, dailies are broken up into two categories, Daily Missions and Daily Training. By completing a set of tasks in Daily Training, including the Daily Mission, you’ll unlock tiers of rewards and resources.

How to unlock Daily Training in Honkai Star Rail

The Daily Training feature will appear after reaching Trailblazer Level 11. For us, we were a fair ways into the Jarilo-VI plot line at this point, and had just met a certain scythe-wielding character.

Once unlocked, these Daily Training missions offer a steady source of both Trailblazer EXP and Sapphire Jades, two crucial resources. The former boosts your Trailblazer Level, while you’ll need the latter to purchase Star Rail Passes.

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Basically, make sure you do your dailies! The Daily Mission, which unlocks a bit earlier than the Daily Training, is a solid source of points for this feature. And other aspects will be easy to knock out, too. I managed to do most of my dailies in one siting by running a six-wave Calyx.

Where to find Daily Training and Daily Missions

The Daily Training for each day can be found in your Interastral Guide, between the tabs for Operation Briefing and the Survival Index. A timer will also let you know when it’s due to refresh.

Daily Missions, meanwhile, are located in the Missions tab. A new one will pop up each day, with some Credits to pick up, and will also count towards your Daily Training progress.

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