Honkai: Star Rail Nameless Honor system, explained

Honkai Star Rail Nameless Honor system

Battle without Honor or Names

HoYoverse’s latest RPG Honkai: Star Rail reveals its various unique systems early in the game.  One of the most important systems is the Nameless Honor system, which is functionally a battle pass. This first battle pass will last until June 5, 2023.

Despite the differences between Honkai Star Rail & Genshin Impact, the battle pass itself is very similar to the one in Genshin Impact. Below is the Honkai: Star Rail Nameless Honor system, explained in full detail.

Unlocking the Nameless Honor battle pass

To unlock the battle pass, you must first reach Level 13. Once you have done so, you will unlock the Trailblazer Mission titled “Jarilo-VI – Long Wait for the Blade’s Edge.” Once you complete this mission, the Nameless Honor battle pass will unlock.

The Nameless Honor system contains 50 levels in total and features two different tracks.

What is Nameless Gift in Honkai Star Rail?

Nameless Gift is the free track of the battle pass. Unlike some games that only provide rewards to free players every few levels, the Nameless Gift provides rewards every time you increase your battle pass level.

Rewards from this track include EXP items, credits, and a few Star Rail Passes.

What is Nameless Glory in Honkai Star Rail?

If you want even more rewards for leveling your Nameless Honor battle pass, you can purchase the premium Nameless Glory track for $9.99.

The rewards in this track are mostly better versions of free track rewards.  For example, the free track gives the item Adventure Log which grants 5,000 XP, while the premium track gives Traveler’s Guide, which grants 20,000 XP.

This premium track grants even more Star Rail Passes so you can do more Warp pulls.

The featured reward of this track, which is available at level 30, is the Treasure of the Starry Seas. This item allows you to pick one of seven specific four-star Light Cones.

How to progress the Nameless Honor battle pass

There are three mission types exclusive to progressing the battle pass: daily, weekly, and period.

Daily missions give small amounts of experience once per day.  These reset at 4:00 am server time (2:00 am PDT). Weekly missions give normal amounts of experience once per week and reset at 4:00 am server time each Monday. Period missions dole out the most experience, but can only be completed one time each for the entire duration of the battle pass. The Nameless Honor battle pass lasts for 45 days from the launch of Honkai: Star Rail.

The pass has a weekly limit of 8000 experience, so be sure to spread out completing the missions accordingly.

If you are in a hurry to progress your pass or are stuck doing so, it may be worthwhile to learn how to farm Stellar Jade in Honkai Star Rail.  You can spend 150 Stellar Jades per level to progress your battle pass instantly.

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