What are Star Fragments in Lies of P?

Get a helping hand.

Lies of P Star Fragments are very useful in the game.

Lies of P Star Fragments are essential items in the game, as they can help you bring an ally to boss battles. While Lies of P isn’t a co-op game, you can get help from AI-controlled units. Here’s how Lies of P Star Fragments work.

What can you do with Star Fragments in Lies of P and where do you find them?

Star Fragments are items that can be picked up from fallen enemies and chests. According to the game‘s official item description, they “cross dimensions to grant human wishes.” It also says, “If you wish for it desperately enough, they may be able to summon someone who wants to help save this world.”

Thankfully, these allies can be beneficial. Just before fighting some major bosses in Lies of P, there’s a blue fountain by the door. Interact with it and it will ask if you want to spend a Star Fragment. I had around 12 of them by the time I faced the first major boss of the game. You should be able to find more as you venture around Krat and other areas of Lies of P.

Once you’ve decided to spend a Lies of P Star Fragment, the fountain will burst to life with a blue glow. When this happens, you’ll know a specter will appear beside you in battle.

Are specters worth summoning?

During my battle with the Scrapped Watchman in Lies of P, the specter was certainly helpful. It distracted the hard-hitting boss and let me strike the foe multiple times in the back. It’s certainly worth the investment, especially if you’re struggling with the boss in front of you.

From my playthrough, it seems like these specters can’t be customized or chosen. You get what you get. On the other, the specters are well-tooled for battle.

To improve your chances further in these boss fights, you’ll want to upgrade your weapons too. You might not need a theoretical Lies of P easy mode if you have a specter and improved weapon.

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