How to change weapons in Lies of P
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How to upgrade weapons in Lies of P

I won't be like Pinocchio and lie. It might be difficult to upgrade your weapons in Lies of P.

In this wretched world of scary robots, you’ll need to upgrade weapons in Lies of P to survive. You could improve the Physical ATK or elemental damage, depending on the weapon. However, it will be tricky to get the materials needed. Here’s how to upgrade your weapons in Lies of P. 

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Where to upgrade weapons in Lies of P
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Where to improve weapons in Lies of P

In order to upgrade weapons, you’ll need to visit Eugenie in Hotel Krat. This function won’t be available until after defeating the Parade Master and seeing the opening title of the game.

After you’ve struggled to defeat this boss, go talk to the girl with the glasses and brown scarf. She’s in her workshop to the right of Sophia in the main lobby of the hotel. Once you’ve spoken to her, you can either upgrade your weapons in Lies of P or alter their handles, which boosts the motivity, advance, or technique of each weapon.

The upgrading weapons process

To successfully upgrade weapons, you’ll need a mixture of Ergo (otherwise known as Souls in From Software games) and Hidden Moonstones. If you need other materials later on in the game, we’ll update the article.

Hidden Moonstones can be retrieved by opening chests around the open areas of Lies of PThey’ll also be dropped by red butterflies. Eliminate them quickly before they fade away. The number of materials and Ergo you’ll need will increase at every level. For example, to upgrade the Greatsword of Fate Blade twice, you’ll need two Hidden Moonstones for the second stage rather than just one.

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